FFL Transfers

FFL Transfers

When you have purchased a firearm from another dealer, the selling dealer will need a copy of our FFL before your firearm can be shipped. It is your responsibility to provide us with either an email address/fax number and the phone number of the seller/dealer in order for us to send our FFL. Some dealers (major online gun resellers) already have us on file.


We will contact you once the firearm is done processing and will bee securely locked away until pick up.


It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure the seller received the FFL, payment, and all information necessary for the seller to ship the firearm. Please check with the seller first, than Gold Broker Pawn if there is an issue with the transaction. It is also vital that you give the correct contact information, otherwise we will have no way in contacting you if wrong.


When you come to pickup your firearm, you will than need to fill out form 4473 and have a background check. Once the background check has been approved and the mandatory 3-day wait has been satisfied (Unless you have a Florida CCW), payment for the transfer is made, the customer may leave the store with the firearm.


FFL Transfers are $22.00 per serial # and includes the $5.00 NICS fee.


  1. Have the transferring FFL dealer request our FFL via email.
  2. Email, call us when your tracking number indicates we received your firearm.
  3. Bring your government issued ID (Non-passport). Government ID must be Florida issued or if your ID is issued from another state you must bring proof of residency. All documents used to established residency must be from a Florida government agency. Remember that your ID must not be expired.


*Subject to background check